Photography Retreat

All photos in this post were provided by We Wanders Retreats

All photos in this post were provided by We Wanders Retreats

Late last year I was contacted by one of the two lovely ladies who created We Wanderers Retreat about using Makers Getaway for a destination photography retreat. We Wanderers are Trisha and Courtney, friends and photographers, who joined forces to share their mad skills with followers in the most amazing way possible - an intimate getaway. Their retreats are much like the getaways we host at Makers Getaway, a combination of learning, relaxing, surprises, and ah-mazing food, Needless to say it was a terrific match and I was excited to see the event unfold. Not to mention take peek at the photography work happening during their time on the property.


I love seeing the space used in such an amazing way!

2019-02-25_0003 (1).jpg

The pictures of the dining room are some of my favorites

2019-02-25_0002 (2)-min.jpg

…especially photos with food in them!


A lot of work goes into capturing a great image.

2019-02-25_0006 (1)-min.jpg

These ladies have talent.

2019-02-25_0015 (1)-min.jpg

They used every inch of the house


…and workshop


Interested in Photography? Visit We Wanderers Retreat to learn more about Trisha and Courtney.